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a lot of interesting and useful things about IT, neuroscience, and sport.

Are you also interested in developing strong values like perseverance, discipline, and patience?
These values shape our identity, allowing us to achieve more with less effort. I’m a lifelong dreamer who knows how to make their sweetest dreams a reality – I achieved my goal of becoming an army officer in communication and informatics after 9 years of experience and further developed these values during that time. Life is full of dreams, so I decided to switch careers again and pursue a new path as a web developer.

Now I help business companies to automate their processes
by writing code and administrating their platforms. Over time, I learned that success comes with doing what you love. Transitioning from an army officer to a web developer was difficult – I had no one around me to answer my questions and had to learn while rocking my son’s crib at midnight. Even despite perseverance and patience, there were times when nothing seemed to work, so I explored neuroscience to gain insight into how the brain works, helping me transfer this knowledge into increasing my grit quotient, thus easing the stress of the transition.

I have maintained an active and healthy lifestyle since my teenage years,
which has proven to be incredibly important in my career as an IT professional. I’m now ready to help people around the world touch their dreams and accomplish more with less effort by sharing my experiences and circumventing difficult paths to success. Whether your goal is an IT career, doubling your income, or increasing relationships and personal happiness – I am here to provide guidance and support.

My name is Alex Furtuna, and I am 30 years old.
I’m a father to an energized 3-year-old son and blessed with a loving wife who I love deeply in return. Our relationship has been going strong since 2015 and has greatly improved through the utilization of neuroscience principles and emotional intelligence. While I have everything I need, my dream is to bring value to the lives of many around me.

Things couldn’t have gone better!

He is an excellent learner, has strong listening and communication skills, is highly organized, and excels in technology. He loves to take on new challenges and brings a lot of value to any team he is part of. Working alongside him is always a pleasure.
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7x Salesforce Certified | Marketing Cloud Consultant/Developer | Salesforce Platform Developer –

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