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A blog for those passionate about business automation or who want to start an IT career in software engineering while staying healthy and maintaining a strong body.

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Keep a fit body at home

Eating healthy foods and exercising are key for keeping fit at home. Consider protein intake and tailor workout routines to build and maintain strong muscles. With the right diet and exercise regimen, you can achieve your desired body without leaving home!

Identify a software engineering job for you

Software engineering is an in-demand, rewarding job. Choose the right role to maximize financial safety and challenge yourself. Contact me for advice about finding your perfect fit within this industry!

Create great habits

Developing great habits is like creating a work of art. It takes practice to perfect, but the effort is well worth it. Understand that luck & circumstance doesn’t guarantee success – so create habits that make you happy, successful & healthy!

Keep being motivated

t may feel like your efforts are futile, but they have a purpose. Don’t let negative thoughts consume you—persistence pays off! Push towards bettering your life and don’t give up on yourself – success is possible!

Consult you as a web developer

Learning to code can be intimidating, and when frustration and confusion arise, there’s often no one around to help. Most online resources assume too much knowledge of the reader and don’t provide answers. That’s why I’m creating this resource – so anyone starting from scratch will get a comprehensive guide to coding basics!

Lose weight

Losing weight is essential for health. Eating nutritious food keeps cells and organs strong and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. Get the essential nutrients your body needs to stay on the path to better health!

LWC Pagination
Information Technology | Salesforce | Software development

Effortless LWC Pagination Example for Salesforce Trailblazers: A Simple and Reusable Component

Pagination is a way to divide a large list of items into smaller, easier-to-manage pages. It helps users navigate through content more efficiently by displaying a limited number of items per page. In Lightning Web Components, pagination can organize data for better performance and user experience. Who is this article for? The example I provide…

How Roll Up Summary Fields Supercharge Your Salesforce Data

How Roll Up Summary Fields Supercharge Your Salesforce Data

In the complex and nuanced world of Salesforce, it sometimes feels like efficiency and versatility are in direct competition. However, understanding and leveraging Salesforce’s vast array of features is key to unlocking the platform’s ability to streamline operations and supercharge sales processes. One such feature that has gained traction among Salesforce aficionados is Roll-Up Summary…

Maximizing Salesforce ROI with Best Effective SOQL Queries
Information Technology | Productivity | Salesforce

Maximizing Salesforce ROI with Best Effective SOQL Queries

It’s no secret that Salesforce is not just a CRM system but a powerhouse of data and business tools. To harness its full potential, you need to peel back the layers of transactional processing and get into the crux of data operations – and that’s where the unassailable role of SOQL queries comes into play….

Is Your Salesforce Data Stuck? How Heroku Connect Can Help
Heroku | Salesforce | Software development

Is Your Salesforce Data Stuck? How Heroku Connect Can Help

Salesforce is a powerful platform that empowers businesses with its wide array of features and tools to manage their customer data effectively. However, one common challenge faced by Salesforce users is the issue of stuck data. This occurs when data fails to sync between Salesforce and other systems, leaving it in an inconsistent or incomplete…

Salesforce Heroku
Heroku | Salesforce | Software development

Amplify Your Salesforce Journey: Elevate Your Experience with the Power of Salesforce Heroku

Overview of common challenges faced while fine-tuning Salesforce. 😫 Have you ever found yourself wrestling with constraints while fine-tuning your Salesforce experience? Whether it’s the frustration of customizing community pages, layouts, or implementing bespoke functionalities using Salesforce’s native technologies like LWC, APEX, and others. OtherOr perhaps the struggle to gather data from different apps into…

Apex Map In Flow Builder
Information Technology | Salesforce | Software development

Apex Map Alternative within Salesforce Flow Builder. Ultimate Step-by-step Guide

My personal story on how I created and used an alternative way of Apex Map in Flow Builder. When I was tasked with adding 2 additional product types (custom metadata type records in Products__mdt) used in a flow, it was crucial for the flow to correctly extract these products and trigger specific logic based on…


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